10x.gg: In-depth explanation

9 min readFeb 27, 2021

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized our lives in almost every aspect. From the way we deal with our finances and even how we invest. 10x is a unique platform that has been created for all the crypto enthusiasts globally. Basically it is designed in a way in which users will be able to join a lottery system whereby lucky winners will be able to gain massive rewards. One will be able to gain up to 10 times what they invested in just 24 hours. This is one of the most innovative crypto projects out there and this article will give a detailed explanation about how this platform works.

Signing up

Before being able to use the platform, users will be directed into the homepage; here the concept of how the platform works is explained and from this page users are also able to sign up and become members. A few details like one’s email and preferred username will be required. After logging in and verifying the account, one is directed to the dashboard page.

How to navigate the dashboard.

The dashboard is the main area of the platform and from this point one can be able to see some key statistics. The user will be able to view the balances on all the accounts associated belonging to the user. From the dashboard one is also able to see the total number of registered users and at the same time the number of users who are online at that moment will also be visible. The most trending coin among the platform users will be visible; usually this will be the most used coin in the platform at that particular instance. Winners who have participated in the pools will also be displayed here. The dashboard also has bars that enables users to navigate into the other sections of the website.

The platform has a two factor authentication

The platform has put many measures in place to ensure that everything will be secure and that all the users will be protected. One of these security measures is having a two factor authentication system. Upon signing up into the platform, users will have an option to enable this authentication system in their accounts. This doubles down on the security of one’s account making it completely secure.

Pools page

This is the page where the users will be able to view all the available tokens and how much of each crypto coin they have in their wallets. From this page one can also add more coins into their accounts in case they need to.

How do the pools work?

The pool is where all the action takes place. This is where one can join the pool rounds by staking a certain amount of coins in their wallet. Users will be able to win a certain amount of money and for every pool there is always a winner. Users will be able to join the pools by staking a certain amount of coins that can be divided or multiplied by a factor of 10 depending on the outcome. One cannot stake more than they have deposited and this means that the amount deposited equals the maximum amount deposited into the pool and this creates a fair chance of winning or losing.

Each pool is designed in such a way a user can’t deposit money twice on the same pool, this ensures that all the participants in a certain pool all have equal chances of winning. Every pool has a lifespan of 24 hours. Every pool will have to be filled by a certain number of users and if a pool fills before 24 hours, it will still be closed but it will take 24 hours for the winner to be announced. There will always be multiple pools in the platform and this means there will be many opportunities to win every single day. In case 24 hours pass and a certain pool has not yet been filled, the pool will automatically close but in this case no one will either win or lose, the users will get a refund and they will be able to use their funds to join other pools. However, it is not an obligation for the users to join another pool after withdrawing their coins for the pool that failed to fill.

Since every pool is created by multiple users and not a single user, one will be able to withdraw their money from the pool as long as the pool is not closed. Once the pool fills and closes, one will not be able to withdraw what they had invested. They will have to wait for the results within 24 hours. All the pools will have to be divisible by 10. For example, a 10 ETH pool can be joined by 10 people each investing 1 ETH, a 20 ETH pool can be joined by 10 people each investing 2ETH and a 100ETH pool can be joined by 10 people each investing 10 ETH. The combinations can be endless as long as everything is divisible by 10. To put it simple, the system has been designed in a way in which the profits will be maximized and the winner will be able to walk away with 10 times what they invested initially.

In each pool, key information will be displayed. This will include the name of the pool, maximum number of users who can join the pool based on the 10 divisibility criteria. The sum of money that will be won by the winner will also be shown to the pool members and a time duration; a countdown towards the 24 hours, either the winner will be announced or the pool will close if sufficient users failed to join that particular pool. The percentage of the pool that has been filled and the numbers of users left to fill the pool will also be displayed. Typically, after each draw the winner will get 90 percent of the money and 10x platform will keep a 10% share.

Ongoing and closed pools

This page is available to all the users. It displays the information about all the ongoing pools that have already been started and are still accepting new members. Also all the pools that the user is participating in will be shown at the top of the list of all the ongoing pools. On the other hand the closed pages will display all the pools the user has been involved in and have already been closed; those that the user joined but the pool failed to get enough members and those that went all the way to the draw after the 24 hours.

Wallet page

This is the page that shows users their balances and gives them the information about all their holdings in each currency. On this page users can also deposit more coins into their wallets. It is also from this page that one can withdraw their profits from. The total amount of coins that the user has deposited are shown in this section. The available amount represents the outstanding balance after deducting all what has been invested into the ongoing pools at that particular moment. Within the wallet page, we also have the history section that displays the history of all the transactions that the user has carried out. Here the date, status and remarks for each transaction are available. The status will show you if the transaction was successful or whether it is pending.

Claim page

This works more like an activity page; it shows the user the total number of pools they are participating in and it also indicates the total wins and losses from all the pools in total. The amount of money made or lost in each pool can be seen in the status section. The history of all the pools that the user participated in will appear here. The name of each of the polls will be indicated plus how they participate in each of the pools. Information related to each pool participation will be indicated here and this will include the amount that was invested in each of these pools, how much was won and how much was lost in each case.

Support page

The 10x platform is very user-focused and a lot has been done to give the users any support they may need along the way. The frequently asked question is always the first thing that the user checks whenever they have an issue while any complex question or problem will be addressed by a dedicated support team whose job is to help the users.

The FAQ answers that have been published enables users to see answers to most asked questions by the platform users. At the same time, the platform has a dedicated system that enables the users to chat with the customer support team once the admins respond to their tickets. This ensures that all the questions from the users have been answered and everything has been clarified to the user.

Chat page

This is a special page that has been dedicated to help the users communicate with each other globally. They can chat about various issues like different tokens, the platform in general, various pools or anything else that might be relevant to the community.

Tokens listings

10x will offer an opportunity to other companies with their own tokens to be a part of the platform. They will be able to apply for token listings and if they qualify, their tokens will be listed on the platform. These companies will pay for the listing services either with the XGG tokens or with the DMST.

Marketing efforts for the 10x.gg

The company has a very comprehensive marketing campaign. The goal is to position 10x platform as a leading platform that enables users from all over the world to join with various tokens. The platform will be positioned in a very unique manner, as a platform that brings real value to the users. The marketing campaign will be intensive and a total of $250,000 dollars will be spent on various marketing operations.

Digital marketing will form the bulk of our marketing operations. We will run ads all over and our focus will be on main leading websites and platforms. especially those that are dedicated to finance and cryptocurrency. We will also run very serious marketing campaigns on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms.

Partnerships will also be a core thing when it comes to promoting our platform and its offerings. We will collaborate with leading influencers and other brands that will help us market the 10x platform. We will have a multi-faceted marketing strategy that will help us reach out to people in every possible way.

Buyback plan

In every pool draw the winners will get 90 percent of the money while the 10% will be the platform’s profit. All the profit generated by the platform will be dedicated towards buybacks. For example if the total volume in the platform is $100 million, the platform will make 10 percent of this; in our case, $10 million will be the profit and it will all be used in XGG & DMST buyback programs.

XGG Airdrop

The plan is to release XGG airdrop to all the DMST holders; where each holder will get the XGG tokens as a 1:1 ratio. The supply of the XGG tokens will be limited to a total of 1 billion.

Airdrop Maximum Amount: 5% of Total Supply

Snapshot Date: TBA


The project will be launched very soon; approximately 4–5 weeks from the 16th of February. The platform will come with many amazing things; it will be something different than what is out there. All the crypto enthusiasts should stay tuned for the upcoming launch because 10X will be a real game changer.