10X’s Creative Event: Participate Now!

Exciting update for our community!

We’re launching an event that will last for 1 week exactly, where we’ll have our community members participate in a chance to win their share of our $5,000 in XGG rewards! All you have to do is send your submission to DMCamora (@dmcamora) on Telegram and wait for the results to be announced!

The rules for the event are fairly simple, you just need to make a GIF, a piece of art, or a video, that is related to 10X. Anything that’s creative counts as well, so unleash your minds into this event! You’re also free to send as many submissions as you’d like to increase your winning chances.

As for how we value the reward for participants, it will be based on the quality of the work that was provided, so the higher quality of the content we receive, the more rewards it will get, so you better prepare your creative tools on your computer now and join in on the fun before you run out of time!




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