Revealing $XGG token use and its future potential
3 min readMar 8, 2021

It’s time to talk deeply about XGG, 10x’s very own cryptocurrency that will be used within the platform. This token will allow lucky winners to not only earn superb rewards but also to use XGG in a number of different ways.

An innovative crypto project requires a multi-functional token, For a project where one will be able to gain up to 10 times what they invested in just 24 hours, here is how our platform’s primary token, XGG, will be used, to benefit its holders, and the crypto-enthusiasts that will be joining the platform to always make more.

First things first, 10x is planned to be launched without a token sale for XGG, the liquidity for the project will initially be provided by the team. and the total supply will be used in the ecosystem of 10x itself.

$XGG Token use:

  • Money won is 10x as majestic as money earned, That’s our motto, and you can make 10 x your coins with the platform’s main token, XGG, as there will be a 10% transaction fee collected by 10x from the lucky one that wins the lottery, that fee won’t be deducted if the token used in the pool is XGG.

This won’t be available with any other token than XGG, giving a chance to all users to collect their prize fully, to the hilt.

  • The payments for any company that joins the platform and lists its token on 10x will be charged in XGG, so your company will get our token and use it to buy a spot on 10x, permitting your segment to start making 10 x your token and constantly expanding your reputation and image.
  • The platform’s only profit comes from the total of 10% fees received from all pools, which will be used for buyback programs and the purchasing of XGG from the market to decrease the supply, So money won, is money used to satisfy our 10x’s community, that stands behind what we do.
  • 10x is a place where you could make more!

Therefore, XGG will be supported in our staking platform, allowing you to lock up your bags of $XGG, which will help you receive a share that could rise up to 150% of your staked coins.

This will enable everyone, even those without much knowledge in the crypto industry to take part in the staking economy, this will be available to all XGG, DMST, and AVAL holders.

There are numerous factors why we believe in 10X and its core token, XGG, but this is just the starting point. Once the platform is fully functional, there will be much more to make its way.

Many of you surely see cryptocurrencies as a good way to protect their wealth and this is one reason why 10X has come to make some noise in the crypto game.

Stay Tuned.